Silly to you, my life to me.

  I’m very inspired by the last thee books I’ve read/am reading, to achieve my goals, no matter how silly they may seem to some. It will take the cooperation of many of my friends and family. I am on a path that is the way to to these goals. I don’t have dreams of being rich and famous, just making my art and putting it out there for people to experience, whether it be finishing my Quantum Leap Podcast (big goal achieved, getting the amazing Scott Bakula on the show, thanks JDS, and some people still don’t believe in me), doing my own version of The Larry King radio show I grew up on mixed with a little Pump Up The Volume, a Conversation with Albie, or my upcoming limited series podcast with Peter (TBA), getting out from the restaurant business for almost a year now and doing something I love, and almost being at the point where I can pay the bills, finishing my autobiography, writing the next non-fiction book I have a unique ability to do on a certain subject, make a late night talk show with my friends every few weeks, Bedtime with Bruce, or starting my first official film later this year when the season is over with said friends, on a zero budget. For so much of my life I was a why bother person, I became a why not person a few years ago, and I love it. If you support me and all of my craziness, you know who you are, from giving me my big chance at a new career, vouching for my ability and passion to others, giving me encouragement, doing voice over work, helped me with editing, shared you knowledge with me for no other reason than to be nice and support me, being a guest on one of my shows, or just holding a light for me wHile I filmed, I thank you all. I love you, and I love the fact that you believe in me. I am determined to accomplish these goals, life is short, it speeds up as you move through it, and when it’s over, all that’s left is what one leaves behind, memories in loved ones minds that slowly fade over time, and when they are gone, some stories may be left behind. My dad was one of the best people I ever knew, full of love, life and strength. That’s the story left behind. No one will ever know how unique and special my father was. He wanted me to help him write down his life story, I was was a why person, I told him we would get to it, we didn’t. The reason for the QLP and my other projects, is so one day Serenity and maybe more children, and their children, and all future generations will know a lot more of who I really am than “He was a great guy and watched Star Trek” I will never make up for robbing my father of his opportunity to tell his life story to the future, because of my laziness or why do it today when there’s always a tomorrow attitude, one day you learn there isn’t always a tomorrow. That is the scariest day of ones life, and also the kick in the ass you need to make every second count, to enjoy spending time with those who make you happy, and cherish the sound of laughter, the smell of a baby you love with every fiber of your being, the embrace of your partner, and all the good times with friends working on what some people think are silly meaningless projects. All the memories you want to tell everyone about at the end of life but there’s hardly ever enough time. And then like an old TV clicking off and going dim, with that last faint horizontal white line slowly fading away it’s all gone. So, If you are a why bother person, I still like you, but I’ll have to politely ignore you. If you are a why not person, join me on this journey. Let’s make great things and leave behind a single message, we were here, and this is who we were, and let’s have fun doing it. Life is about the now, we can’t change the past, but the future is made up of every little moment we are lucky enough to make, comprehend, and remember. Oh, and those three books? By some of my favorite nerd icons, You’re never weird on the Internet (almost), by Felicia Day, Tough Sh*+, by Kevin Smith, and The Nerdist Way, by Chris Hardwick.