My mom picked me up for work, then I dropped her off and went to work. It was a normal Sunday. accept the Hot chick at work was talking to me more than normal. It is funny, when I was 245lbs I was invisible to women, The wold not make eye contact with me. Now at 170lbs the girls talk to me, and touch me and giggle a lot. I’m not used to that. It freeks me out. After work Me, Frankie and Johnny went to MacDonald’s. That is always fun, to see how they are going to mess our order up. Today it was the Unsweet tea. Both the sweet and Unsweet was Sweet. I told the manager and she didn’t believe me. after about five minutes of telling me it wasn’t sweet, she finely tasted it and said wow it is sweet. So then I got my tea. by then my food was cold. Most people wouldn’t like that, But me it’s not just a meal, It’s an adventure. We dropped off johnny at the liqueur store.Frank and I went on to wal-mart for some groceries. We saw my mom. Later wile I was going to the car audio section I saw a pretty girl and I smiled at her and she smiled back, no big deal being that I’m visible now. While I was checking out install kits for my car, she came up behind me and was giving me advice on what to buy for my car. She helped me and I thanked her. Afterwards Frankie told me she was flirting with me, I had no Idea. I keep forgetting that they see me now. Too bad, She was Hot. I think she was one quarter Asian, I liked her face and small boobs, Frank said He liked her butt 🙂 . It never enters my mind that they see me now. I will learn, soon I hope. But it made me feel good. After my mom dropped me off, I worked on hooking up my CD player in my car, Then after my shower I watched the Daytona 500 and fixed my soap dish. Now to sleep. Dad will be here early tomorrow to give me a ride to get fuses and wire nuts.

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