Monday we traveled back from Miami. I am very glad to be back home. Monday is my normal day of rest. I was so tired driving home I almost fell asleep several times. Heather Slept all the way home but JDubb and Brooke Lynn Bear kept me awake by making funny faces at me the whole way. After we dropped off the Weirs we got home showered again to get the city off of us and turned the AC back on to 67 and we both fell fast asleep promising ourselves we would never leave our waterbed again. We Slepted about four hours. When we woke up it was nice and cold, I made us some Quarn quesadillas and Quarn stirfry. We watched Dancing with the Stars and then Wrestlemania on a replay. Great stuff, I think you can enjoy it more on tv but there’s nothing like being there. This morning uhhhh afternoon when I woke up I watched Raw on the TiVo then a little TNA. I finally got the energy to start editing the SFWA Fair Invasion. I got the fist match of the second night done. I’m still learning the editing program as I go but it seems to be working. When I got done I went to my Mom’s house I fixed her garage refrigerator and then upgraded the RAM in her PC. Mom is very happy hake fast her computer is running. We then dropped Johnny off and got gas and lotto and picked up some Chinese food. After I set up the table Heather finally got here and we ate and ate. Now I’m watching Dancing with the Stars the results show mom is enjoying it and Heather is asleep on my lap. All in all a good day.