After work Frankie and I went to Publix. We met Johnny there and went shopping. When I dropped John off, Mean Jean was there Frank and I hung out with her for a few minuets. Then me and Frank went to McDonald’s. then to my place to watch the Oscars. Waiting for the Oscars we watched the Nascar Race. It was the first time Frank watched Nascar, and a car flipped over and caught on fire. He loved it. We filled out Oscar ballots I got two right and frank got nine right. Kerri Russel looked beautiful. While the Oscars were on John called, apparently he had spent like three hours on web MD. He looked up all my symptoms and said the problem I’ve been having with my foot is a lack of magnesium dew to the diabetes. So while dropping frank off we stopped at the CVS Pharmacy and bought magnesium. On the way out of the store a woman came up to us and said she was out of gas and out of money and asked for three dollars so she could get home. I don’t know if she had a real problem of she was a beggar. But my being a nice guy, and paying it forward, I gave her five dollars. Frankie was so impressed with me helping the lady out that when we got to his place, He gave me the five dollars back. When I got home I took a magnesium, Started watching some WWE and fell asleep.

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