OK, yeah, It’s been a wHile

dz1.jpgI have taken some time off from blogging since my Father passed away. I had a real difficult time dealing with the whole thing. I’m still having a difficult time even believing or excepting it. Every time I think about it I get to a point to where I’m about to breakdown, then I force myself to re compartmentalizing and I keep going with my extra busy life. I know It happened but My brain can not believe or make sense of it. That being said I gonna try to blog again. Today I worked at Perkins with Hucklebuck, Connie, and Linda. I got off a little early so I got to see my Baby Heather before she went to work. Then I watched 2 episodes of season two of the dead zone witch is my new guilty pleasure. Every time I have a moment to my self I like to watch it. I was at Wal-Mart feeling lost and Blue and they had the first Three Seasons on DVD on sale, and I figured what the hay. They have Nicole de Boer in the show so I’ll check it out. I mean what Trekkie doesn’t have a crush on Ezri Dax. It started slow But I’m really diggin’ it now. The is a hidden 47 in every show so far. Makes me Happy. I took a cat nap while watching. I have been working a lot very tired.I went to Steve’s and got some stuff done on the computer. Still more to do always. Now I’m gonna head home to play some Wii with Heather.

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