On Tilt

I am used to Cape Coral Florida. Cape Coral is very level and square. Cape Coral was a planed town. It was once just swampland and what they did about a hundred years ago was to dig out a series of canals all over the area in a grid so almost every street had water access. The earth they dug out was used to make the land parts, pretty ingenious. All of south Florida is pretty flat anyway but Cape Coral even more so. So in North Carolina there is no such concept of a level surface. My inner ear is going nuts. I feel like I’m gonna fall over all the time. I’m sure I would get used to it buy for now I feel drunk and my neck hurts from trying to feel level. The only thing that is a reference is the plumb of all the tree trunks. That helps a little. Driving is crazy here. You go up and down hills. The car goes faster by itself when going down hill. It seems very logical when you think about it but when you have been driving for twenty years and that never happened before it is just strange. But the good thing about here is people can walk on their lawn and not be afraid of being eaten alive by red ants like falling into the amazon full of piranha like we do in Florida.