October 2, 1959

The day has been a little rough. I worked last night until 4 am then I was up again bofore 8 to work again. Renny and I took Frank to the store again today and we went to the Asia Buffet for brunch. After we dropped him off I rushed home to finish an edit that was due at 5. Luckily H was able to help me out and take Serenity to yoga class. Ren had dinner, put her anatomy model together and then bath time.

Everyone seemed to like Renny’s age 4 podcast. I enjoyed it, I listened about 9 times today while driving around. One cool side effect of recording the show is Renny became attached to a Spock plush and carried it everywhere with her today. That was fun.

I was so busy today, and very lonely. Everyone else is moving on, and I’m just moving around. I piece the world around me together from context clues, and it makes me sad.

I tired very hard to have a sliver of a social life and be a dad at the same time. At this point in my life and situation, I don’t think it’s possible. At least for me. So my main focus will go back to being my only focus. I was born to be a dad.