My Wife Heather Lynn (Powell) Burdge

I love her. She is the great love of my life. I wonder if Life and Wife rhyme on purpose because although i was in to my thirties before I met her, my life did not begin until I met her. When I met her, I called her Jersey Girl to my dad as I told him all about her, I would tell him how smart and talented she was, and that I really liked her but I was afraid she didn’t feel the same about me. She was (is) out of my league. Young and Hot and smart, did i mention Hot? My friend JDubb helped me get her, I had him buy her a chocolate Frosty from Wendye’s and Then I asked her out, It worked. We IMed and myspaced then Texted, I paid per txt then and was going to have a $300 phone bill so I switched to unlimited texting so I could keep talking to her. I’m glad I did. This has been the most rewarding relationship of my life. when we started dating I felt that we truly belonged together. She made a huge effort to understand me and learn to like and share my interests. I wanted to spend all my time with her and I still do. We got a lot of use out of the kitchen table. the whole time we were dating I always thought she would get to know the real me and leave, luckily she never did. When my dad was sick and passed away she was there for my mother and I and that’s when I couldn’t keep the secret any longer I had to tell her “I Love You” I had thought it every time i looked at her for months but was so afraid to tell her fearing that would be the moment she realized she didn’t and could never love me, but she did love me! Someone that I loved actually loved me back! That never happens in real life, not to me anyways, but it did! from The moment I knew she loved me I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I still do. I decided to take the next step and ask her to marry me so I worked two jobs for a while to afford a blood-free diamond and I took her to her favorite restaurant at the time PF Changs and almost chickened out again because if she said no, then what? would she leave me? well if you read the title of this post, you probably know she made me the happiest man alive and said yes! some time later we became pregnant for the first time, we unfortunately lost our first baby. The sadness was horrible, I didn’t feel that bad since I lost my dad, All my hopes and dreams for this little baby dashed in an instant, but again Heather was there for me, we were there for each other. Our love again grew stronger. On November 7, we got married on a beach with our friends and families watching. Everything was perfect, well almost everything, The officiant had ignored my request and left the line about religion in the ceremony, But the biggest thing that was wrong with the day was I thought this was the point when Heather realized she couldn’t go through with it. But again She said yes! 😀 So I thought I was I was then the luckiest guy in the world. No day could get better than this right? I was wrong again, Everyday I spend with her I love her more than the day before but as the song says not as much as I will tomorrow. On August 23rd, 2012 She gave me my greatest gift of a beautiful baby girl. I love both of them so much that if I think about them too much I want to cry tears of joy. My happy place is with Heather and Serenity. Heather is my partner, my best friend, my editor, my pod-casting partner, my inspiration, my whole life, and my soul mate. Every day I wake up alive I am so grateful I get to spend another day in the world with the woman I love more than life itself, and that’s saying a lot from. I appreciate her, and wish I could do more to show her than I do. I tell her everyday how beautiful she is and I am grateful that chance brought us together. Without her I would truly be nothing. I love you Heather Lynn. <3

PS, Heather could you edit this for me? 😛