My Opinion on the American Auto Industry

The problem with the American Auto Industry is the unions. They Greed-ed themselves out of jobs. I, like most working class people I get paid for working and that’s it. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  The auto workers want to get paid for working which is OK, but being paid for; not working, being sick, vacation, insurance, getting paid for not working after they retire, and also getting paid a ridiculous hourly wage. All this money drives up the price of a new American car to an almost unattainable price for all but the wealthiest people. Not a good business model. The people that run the car companies are not to fault. With the unions bullying them into choosing between closing up shop or giving into the unions ridicules demands and running a company in the red, They really had no choice. Then a lot of people were still buying cars even though it was costing them more then their housing, but with the increase of gas prices, it just got too ridiculous and something had to give.   If the union guys had been happy for an honest days pay for an honest days work they would still have an Industry for themselves and future generations.  Greed is Bad for a reason, It is unsustainable.

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