Murphy Proved to exist!

John is always saying how Murphy is always out to get him, and how i seem to be the king of karma. Today it was proved correct. We went to Publix to get some subs, he ordered a deluxe, the guy gave him an ultimate instead, I ordered an Italian on whole Wheat. The guy went to the back to get me a fresh wheat roll, and apologized because he had to cut the Italian fresh! We ordered Publix subs instead of the boars head ones  to save $4. The only bad part about not getting the boars head is that they precut it and the meat aint so good. So J got the the wrong old sub and I got a Fresh Sub. He started bowing. I guess it is true. On the way out we were talking about how at least the subs were on me this time, I told him that actually it’s going on the Publix gift card I got from the Greens. More Bowing….

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