Miss you Wade

WadeToday was Kiwanis day. Almost Every Thursday Me and Johnny go tp Kiwanis. Today I got someone’s collection of Picket Fences the complete series for only $3 !. I have never seen the show, but it’s by David E Kelly. The guy who did Ally Mcbeal, and Boston Legal. I Loved Ally Mcbeal. Most People live only one life. I have lived many Lives. No I’m not a freaky Reincarnationist (although I think I have cretin genetic memories). What I mean is I love to watch a television series from beginning to end and totally immerse myself in that show. Ally Mcbeal is one show that really affected my life. So I was a Female lawyer in Boston in the 1990s ,To Love And Loose., while watching Felicity I went to collage for four years in New York. I was A Vampire Slayer for seven years thanks to Buffy the vampire slayer. I accidentally fell through a wormhole and ended up on the other side of the galaxy for four years thanks to Farscape. I even worked for the FBI for ten years, I handled the Strange and unusual cases and shared a great love with Dana Sculley, thanks To the X Files. I have been a writer for a news paper in New York in my late 30s even though I’m not there yet, Thanks to Sex and the City. and Many Many more lives. I’ve traveled in space and where no one has gone before,for over forty years of course with Star Trek. And when I was young, While trying to invent an anti-gravity device I accidentally opened a portal to another dimension. I went through it with 3 of my friends and we spent years trying to get back. We never did, but what an adventure. Oh maybe that was sliders. When you think about it, what is a life but one’s experiences stored in our brain. My memories of these television lives are as real for me as most others. There isn’t a day that goes by, Not a Day,when I don’t think of my friend Wade Wells I lost (Sliders) in a Cromag Breeding camp. This was like ten years ago, and it still effects me. And lets not forget traveling around the world twice a year with the amazing race. Who Knows What Character I will associate myself with on Picket Fences, Or what path that life will lead me down. That’s the best part of life, not knowing what comes next.

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