lower cast

Days like these when most people are @ home with their families it makes people like me realize our place in life. There are gods and clods, I am the latter, for every person enjoying the holiday, there’s a person like me that has to work for the them to be able to go out to eat breakfast. I didn’t used to mind it, But this is the 17th Thanksgiving I have missed, and it’s getting a little, well old, They didn’t mention anything about this on carer day. Right now, I’m at Johnny’s place, waiting for him to get ready, Then to pick up Larson, Pick up my Dad and bring him to wal-mart and then on to home to make the rest of dinner. It’s gonna be a good dinner, I will be Full. I mostly miss watching the parade live. As always I’ll wake up Monday morning and get in some PJ’s and Pretend it’s Thanksgiving and watch the parade that’s HDDVRed. I should have leftovers still. So Happy Holidays! all the while my turkey is burning 😀

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