Long Dark Knight

Dark KnightI worked with just Johnny today. We made it through. After work, I went home to get one of my tivos to adopt out to john. I’m building an HD mythtv box. I haven’t watched  my tivos in a while because they are stranded definition. Most of what I watch now is High Def. Two more to adopt out. I got out of johnny’s place around nine PM. I was hellencrap tired. On my way home Frankie called me so I stopped by his place to pick up the Best Buy add from Sunday. While we were watching som NWA TNA We talked abiut the new Batman Movie and how there was a midnight showing. We thought about it for a while and decided to go. We went back to my place so I could get my batman T-shirt. We got to the theater around 11:pm. The first two shows were sold out so thet opend a third theater, the place was packed. I got my own ticket, But frankie got the Popcorn and Soda.  The movie was two hours and fourty-eight minuts. It was the best batman movie since Batman with Michael Keeton. Very Good Movie, I want to go again. We didn’t get out untill Three am. After I dropped frankie off, I went home and went to sleep. I have to be @ work at 8:30am. great movie.

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