Kaarayzee L8ly (updated)

I’ve been so busy lately it’s crazy I just go go go and I have no boots, and nobody wakes me up before. Today I worked a crazy busy Sunday with Niki Moron, Came home, and Helped Larson with his Taxes and had some whole grain triscuits and spray cheese, then showered and picked up Frankie then went to johnny’s to help him move, I took apart all of his AV equipment then Frankie wanted to go to McDonalds, so we went while J Dawg kept packing, I had a Southwestern salad with the Fat Free vinaigrette. I brought back JW a Coffee.  Then we packed up the car for the first load of the day, We got a lot of stuff there, I hooked up his TV, Tivo n stuff,  so the Amazing Race would record. We then went back to to Shelly’s and got another load, this time with Lucky, Brooke, and Sprinkles. I fixed john’s shower doors, and medicine cabinet, and hung his curtains, Then we watched the first episode of this season’s Amazing Race, I like the Asians, and the Redheads. Then we dropped Frankie off, hung out with him and Doug Doug for a while, And then we went for another load, this time it was just for cloths and supplies, Then Back to JW’s we set some more stuff up and watched the second episode of The Amazing Race, I had Popcorn, Doritos and water, then we went to 7 11, I got a sugar-free Slurpee and a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat. Then back to his place to watch tonight’s episode, I ate the sandwich and a 7 11 beef stick, I’m So flarin’ full, it’s ridiculous. Johnny’s place is great, It’ll do for now, until I Finlay get a house. I am so Tired and stressed from go go going that I think that’s what causing my compulsive eating to come back, I have to work harder to do better.  I just need a Full day to sleep. Lately I’ve been thinking alot about Heather and I. I think she’s awesome. She helps me with all the things I have to do in my crazy busy life, she cares about me, she even watches Star Trek and Wrestling with me, I mean what more could a guy ask for? I really like spending time with her, and I’m always making things up to spend even more time with her, I just feel lucky that we found each other.

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