It’s a New Day

My #s were way high this morning. But I’m gonna change all that.  I ate really healthy today.  Took Frankie shopping at Wal-mart. I picked up my pills. Like a three month supply for almost $30.00, that’s much better than one month for $225.00. Lets hope the new pills work. Frankie treated me to McDonald’s. I got the unsweetened tea and a southwest salad, grilled no carrots, dressing or tortillas. I bought a pocket notebook to keep with me as a food diary so maybe it will help me stick to my diet even more.  When I got home I exercised for about a half hour. I called Frank and he’s giving me his dads old treadmill. so once I get it here I can do 30 min of walking too. I’m really gonna try. I am so against exercise but maybe that’s a contributing factor  to me getting sick in the first place besides the diet of course. I’m finally thin now and NOW I gotta start watching what I eat and exercising? What the Hellencrap is That?

I went from 539 to 211 in one day, I just gotta keep it up. So far so good 🙂

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