I have the power to post!

Muahaha. So I think I said that other people should be able to post on here so we can tell you what you did that day when you forget. Well, here goes.

Today we all worked (sad music starts to play in the background), but it was kind of okay because the level of stress was a tad lower today (and back to the happy music). Also, you gave me the sweetest letter. Then, you probably got off of work and picked up Johnny so you could watch the Survivor season finale tonight. [By the way – it would be way cool if this thing spell checked as you went.]

Anyways,  after you drop off Johnny, you will look through the newspaper ads and decide what to get me for Christmas. đŸ™‚

Ok, I’m done, and I’m sure everyone now thinks I’m crazy. lol

– Heather.

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