House is Clean…

and I am happy. I had a karayzee day. Home Now. Just gonna relax. Chris & Bridget Conn might stop by. I got Bananas and Apple Juice Just In Case. 😀
Heather spent all day cleaning the house and it looks wonderful. It makes me really happy.  I’d like to think I work hard to have and keep my house but when it’s not so clean, I feel like it’s all for nothing. But now I’m just happy happy. Ronnie told me to check out his friend on Facebook, It turns out she’s the sister of my Ex-Girlfriend… Small World. Just gonna enjoy the evening with Heather and Sleep in tomorrow, I love Mondays.

Alyssa came over and took photos of me n Heather in the back yard for our wedding invitations or website or something. I think I’m gonna eat a banana.Albie and Heather

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