Good Luck Albie, I wish.

al n john While I was taking a picture of myself in wal-mart something amazing and unexpected happened. If you look closely at this photo in the background you will see I caught a glimpse of all to often allusive Johnnies Guatemalais Canalis Weiris. Or what the natives call The J Dawg. Anyway, it was a rough day at work, I was freaking out. All the little changes they are making to make the job harder were all adding up and getting to me. But then a customer wrote me a nice letter all about how good her food was and how great I was. That made me feel a lot better. After work Johnny and I made our weekly stop at the local Kiwanis thrift store. Then I had to take him to wal-mart to get stuff for Brooke’s birthday. He got her a few frames. As I was getting gas I noticed that my power steering pump broke. I can’t wait to get a new car. I bought a little bit of food. Debra cooked it. We had salisbury steak, brown rice and mixed vegetables while I watched To have and to have not (good movie). Then I watched Good luck Chuck Unrated ( funny as heck, and a lot of tits. I loved It.)

To have and to have notGood Luck Chuck

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