getting the tv fixed $220

Albert Burdge in 3Dgetting the tv fixed $220 CPKs in Space Heather and I woke up early and I made Eggs and spaghetti sauce. and at 9am on the dot I called the the tv repairman and scheduled him to come out round noon so we had time to go to the goodwill. I found a Cabbage Patch Kid from the ’80s who was an astronaut.  I always wanted one. Now I have one yay! now I’m up to like 80 CPKs thats a lot. after the guy fixed the tv and pointed out what else was wrong with it 🙁 Heather and I went round town to all the thrift stores, we got some kewl snit. Then we saw Journey to the center of the earth in 3D real D. The third time for me We had fun. and before the movie we ate dinner at the cape crab and steak house.  we missed only two thrift stores because they were closed.

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