George Bailey hug

A lot of people are down on me give me crap about the job that I have. The job I’ve had for the last 23+ years. Including myself it’s a struggle I live with every day. Every time I’ve tried to get a different job I failed miserably. My last attempt was with Publix supermarkets. I couldn’t deal with the hours the bullying and hazing that never seems to end my two months there. I have had trouble finding a good job partly because I am a secular humanist and also partly because I am straight edge so it’s very hard to socialize. But I just realized today that if I hadn’t quit there and come back to my regular normal job I might not, probably not, would not have had Serenity. So as of right now I’m very happy about all my decisions that I’ve made because if one variable had been different I might not have my love, my joy, my purpose in life, Serenity Lynn. I love being a dad. It’s Who I am. It’s who I was always meant to be. So I’m going home today, and giving Serenity a really big, It’s a wonderful life George Bailey hug.