Dinner with mom

Well I did fix the TV and they picked it up around 12:30 in the afternoon. I wasn’t convinced it was completely fixed so I told them not to pay me until a week goes by and they are shore It still works. I tried to no avail to fix sfwawrestling.com before the fair. I went to my mom’s house around 3 to take my mom to the bank. Johnny wasn’t there he called in sick for this week. I’m still worried about the kid. I helped her set up her bill pay on her banks website and I fixed her webcam and she was able to Skype for the first time 🙂 she Skyped with her grandson Nick and my brother Joe, it made her very happy. I think I’m gonna get her an HD webcam for her birthday. We picked up Heather at our house around 7 pm. Then we went to Chillies and had a great meal with an awesome server Brooke. Most times we go out lately we get horrible service, like no drink refills and they always get the orders wrong. One theory is that because of the a economy people that never really worked for a living lost their jobs and all they could get we’re restaurant work. So they don’t know how to do a good job or just hate their job so much that they take it out on their guests. But tonight it was a real pleaser to go out. After dinner the three of us watched Smash and The New Girl. Smash is such a great show, makes me wish we started a Smashcast. I wonder if it’s too late? I wanted to come home and record our Terra Nova Podcast tonight but we ended up starting our time laps pics of the baby in Heather’s belly, I designed the Trekaholic banner and we got tired. So the plan is now to record tomorrow after I get home from work. I’m listening to the audiobook while I’m writing this and falling asleep as a posed to the Doogie Houser MD theme music I usually have playing.