Dear Janeane Garofalo

Dear Janeane Garofalo,
I had that dream again. The one where I’m a truck driver hauling big freshly cut down trees from a culdesac. Turns out this time there was a hold up receiving the loads.I had to go inside, it looked like Collingswood flea market on the inside. The business was family owned and a woman who I had not met before was in charge. She told all of us drivers that we had to compete for our spot in line. A race was set up, it had multiple laps around the inside parkour style while eating amazing race style while running.
I did not win the race, I did, however, get really full and ended up with whipped topping all over my face.
It was a strange dream, I have no desire to be a trucker, and I thought I had a chance with the company’s manager she was a hard 6, but I was interested. I think it just shows my need to have a companion in life and be taken care of.
I have a deep desire to eat a tv dinner on the couch with someone and watch a movie of a few television shows before bed. That’s all that’s really needed on level 42.
When I was younger I used to have fun in my dreams, now I just have the prospect to have fun, but usually, nothing comes of it.