Brokecation Day One

I feel like a farmer getting up this early, 9:12 AM! Ouch. The wife made me get up. It’s for a good reason, so we get on the road early enough to get to today’s destination at a good time.
Speaking of, our destination for today is a nice hotel in Tifton GA. We booked this hotel yesterday with a big credit gave us for the inconvenience of our original hotel in GA closing and them having to find us an upgrade. Win/win for us. I cleaned the car yesterday and helped Heather as best as I could. She packed everything I think we own in an amazing way. Usually if we forget something, we buy it but we are leaving town with $18 besides gas money ($200, our life’s savings).
The packing/cleaning/watching a Mythbusters panel from last DragonCon and then a tour of Adam’s cave took till 4:30 AM, maybe that’s why I’m so tired. Today we drive, for tomorrow we may walk.
We have many fine podcasts and audio books to keep us company on the way.
10:37 first stop Dollar Tree for road snacks.
10:48 stopped for energy drinks at Publix. They’re on sale for a dollar each which is a very good cost saving measure.
11:00 filled the tank, leaving Cape Coral. On our way to Tifton, GA. Baby is asleep.
11:36 on I-75, putting into practice what I learned on mythbusters about picking a lane and sticking to it.
1:45 we have spent the last hour or so in a completely useless detour off of I-75 between Bee Ridge Road and Fruitville in Sarasota. It had us going on a 5-mile circle detour with no end. It felt like I was in the twilight zone. To make the adventure more exciting, our car seemed to have a problem with a low idle or the fuel system. So anytime it got below 1000 RPMs it would stall. So I had to drive it like it was a stick shift, going from drive to neutral, using both feet. While this was an unwelcome event in our trip, it gave us an opportunity to stop at a gas station and let Ren reach up and touch a tree and take some pictures.
2:00 back on I-75 smooth sailing from here on out.
2:14 Renny had some tummy troubles and threw up all over the place. Luckily, there was a rest stop two miles ahead. After we cleaned her up, she got to see a black bird in another tree.

After that it was smooth sailing to the Hampton Inn. This place is beautiful.
They had happy hour when we got there, so free included dinner, and then we all went swimming. Now I’m trying to get the Roku to hook up to the hotel wifi. Never leave home without it.


Apparently I have to spoof my MAC address on my Ubuntu laptop to let the network know I agree to the terms of their wifi, and the macchanger isn’t compatible with the latest Ubuntu release. So we are all going to the lobby for some coffee and hot cocoa.
All in all it was a great day.
Also the car ran much better after I put some fuel injector cleaner in it.