Banks are not fun….Duh!

so after work I called my banks computer and it said I was negative $213.00!!!!!!!!!!! holy double hockey sticks. i was sposed to have like $40 in there. so I went quick like to my bank and and talked to this chick @ the bank who was pretty, she looked like debra messing. anyway she printed out my statement and there was a charge for $46 to at&t alltell. That stood out quick like because I have Verizon wireless. so they are going to research it and refund it back to me and all the overdraft chain reaction. hopfully. they said it could take could up to 30 days. ugg! so Mom to the rescue once again. She let me borrow a lot of money to put in the bank so they don’t take out $33 or $66 a day anymore till the fix it. Thank You Mom! Hopfully they will fix it soon, and give me the money they took back and I can pay my mom back. I went to walmart and the ATMs with my dad and we picked up six bags of mulch for their trees. I like hanging out with dad. It’s harder for him to get around now a days so I appreciate the time we hang out so much more. After mom and dads I went home and then H invited me ovah to her place to help her pack, but I just kept her company, watched Greys Anatomy (Seriously!) and Blogged. Here I am.

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