As time goes by

Life is hard sometimes. With the full knowledge that most people’s lives are worse, no AC, no shoes, guns, etc.  Life is not always roses. My favorite days now are Monday and Tuesday when I get to spend the whole day with my daughter Serenity. Wednesdays can be good if I’m not in trouble for something.  Between Thursday and Sunday I work a maximum of 21 hours at my day job, needless to say i don’t make so much money there, It was OK for a while because I made good money at my night job, but then my hours/pay got cut in half there too. It makes me “Super Blue” as stated by one of my colleagues, and not any cool blue, like Cerulean or TARDIS blue, Just sad. This makes home life hard. We recently moved in with my mother to help her with her bills, we are paying the bills while she is paying the mortgage. This will help her financially, however it will make our bills slightly more as we still have to pay our mortgage and we didn’t have cable before. I basically have more outgo than income. My wife works for a good company so she isn’t being wal-marted like I am at Perkins. On a Busy week my wife works 40 hours, on a slow week my wife works 40 hours, I’m lucky to do 25 between my two jobs. We cant or wont get childcare so I can’t go to work in the morning until Heather gets home, and the longest I can work at my job is maybe 5 hours on a good day. So you can see where the tension is coming from. On the plus side, my day job has been very understanding with my schedule due to being a daddy. I’m hoping my night job will take off and I will be able to make a good income again, until then, I’m just that guy who doesn’t make enough money or work enough hours. I enjoy every minute with serenity, She is the apple of my eye, and my princess.