Airport II

0513080113.jpgWhen I woke up I had a package from Amazon on my doorstep. Yay Blu-rays. I watched The Last Sentinel on Blu-ray with Katie Sackhoff. The plot sucked but it was HD and Katie Sackhoff side boob all for $7. Then I picked up Heather, her mom and grandma at the Airport. I think it was originally gonna get here at 9:50pm so I left the house at nine. It didn’t get there until 1:50am. I’m getting to be a regular at the airport. It was cool though, I went to McDonald’s and listened to old time radio on Sirius.  It was the first time I met the grandma and the first time I met the mom since I’ve been with her daughter. I washed my car, got a haircut, shaved and bought new clothes to make a good first impression. I think I did. When I got home I finished watching Dancing with the stars and WWE Raw. I got to sleep around almost six am. I slept well.thelastsentinel.jpg

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