Again again

I feel a little better now that I have my blog back again again. It’s not easy to be without a creative or personal outlet. I can and do post things on my social media, but when I share the true me and not always the best side forward some people think I’m complaining or looking for sympathy. But life is full of both positives like hearts and diamonds, and negatives like aces.

That’s not always easy to deal with. So when I post things on social media like poetry, I know as many people see it as they do my photo of dinner, but the casual Albie fan doesn’t know what to make of it. Like when I posted Kiss, some people thought it was about some new secret relationship when it was about longing and disappointment.

Here I can share me and only people that want to seek me out and know me will be subjected to such things.

I’m still missing about a year and a half of posts, I rebuilt some of it through the way back machine from I’m hoping Steve still has a backup copy somewhere, or I do on an old hard drive, time will tell.

Oddly enough this is the period of time I would like adult Renny to know about me, and understand everything that was happening the most.

I’m trying to use different plugins to automatically make posts from other accounts on the web, like I got YouTube videos imported, now working on facebook, instagram, and possibly my first blog from

Watching old videos and reading old posts I realized a few things. I have no idea how the last 20 years went by so fast, karma is a bitch, and the evil that some men do may be from immaturity and not malice.