34 today

Today was very nice, I woke up to start a Star Trek Blu Ray Marathon. The plan was to watch the first 6 movies, I watched part one. Heather brought me a whole super Italian sub from England’s deli and it said Happy Birthday on the wrapper. It was The best meal ever. Then we watched the first half of part two and I fell asleep. John Green Stopped by with a housewarming gift and Birthday gift. He seemed to like the new house. My mom got me my first ever HDMI cable for my birthday. I’ve wanted one for over a year. It made my BD’s look Awswome! Thanks mom. Heather Got us tickets to The Wedding Singer, That was soooo good. Milka got me some Tshirts. And I got txed and facebooked and even phoncalls from everyone else. At the end of the day me n H went for some TCBY. We then went to the old apartment to pick up some more stuff. We watched a lot of the bonus features on the new X-Files movie Blu Ray. I started refinishing my new waterbed. a good day

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