First time in five years, No Kettle Corn.

Johnny was better today. It was a busy day. I was So damn tired. But I made it. After work Frankie (Frank E Greiser) was waiting for me. I took him for his weekly shopping trip to Publix. Then I helped Frankie’s next door neighbor Betty set up her new HDTV. I like helping people. It was Amazing Race night. We had hamburger helper for dinner. Me Frankie and johnny have been getting together for a while now to either watch Survivor or The Amazing Race. John canceled again. I don’t blame him. it seems the more people we add to our little get togethers the weirder it gets. I think starting the next season of survivor it will just be johnny and I. By then Debra will be staying here a lot less. and frank doesn’t like survivor anyway. The weekend events just got way too out of hand. It became more about people smoking cigarettes out on my patio then the shows we were together to watch. Frank and I watched The golden globes results show (actual show was canceled due to the writers strike) while he was waiting for Doug (Doug Doug) to pick him up. Doug came in for a while and watched American gladiators with us for a wile, the show was not good. Debra is breaking the rules again. But she will be gone soon enough, so I won’t say anything. I’ll miss having her around anyway. It will likely be difficult getting used to being lonely again. I did it for six years or so, so I know I’ll be fine. I just like the feeling of coming home to somebody too much. I miss Rachael, and I got the Blahs.

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