(Spoiler free, I think…) Well I finally finished reading 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King, and I have to say… Wow! It is incredible. I started reading the eBook edition for the first five chapters or so, but I found that when I was not able to read it due to my busy life I constantly wanted to. The first thing I thought  about when I woke up and last thing I thought about before falling asleep kinda thing, you know? So I then picked up the Audio Book edition (Unabridged and over 30 hours long) to listen in my car also, but that still wasn’t enough, so I put it on my iPhone and listened to it every chance I got. When time allowed I still read the eBook but I was hearing Craig Wasson‘s voice in my head so I decided to dive into the Audio Book edition full force. Craig Wasson did an amazing job reading this book. He made me feel like I was really back in time. I don’t know how long it took me to realize but the voices Craig did for various characters were coincidentally spot on impressions of current and former Presidents of The United States. I remember saying to myself “That sounds a lot like W…” and then ” OK, that’s definitely Obama!” 😀 But back to the book, There were many reasons I started this Novel. I was listening to The Kevin Pollak Chat Show his guest was Damon Lindelof and Damon was talking about the incredible experience he had with a Stephen King book and I was intrigued. So while that was in my head, my friend Frankie had mentioned a book that was coming out about JFK and time travel, two subjects that I am very interested in. Then Frank told me it was by Stephen King and that was it, done deal. There were so many little things in this book that spoke directly to me, I don’t know if it’s all happenstance or just a testament to Stephen King’s writing as this was the first but by no means the last book I will read from him. I enjoyed every little detail from the song In The Mood by Glen Miller which has always been one of my favorites to the character of Al who ran the local Diner. I could not help but picture my dad due to the name and his failing health. I have always loved time travel and science fiction but if I had to categorize this story, I would say it is historical fiction. Some have said it’s Back To The Future mixed with Quantum Leap, (and maybe a little bit of Sliders I thought) which is right up my ally…but it’s a lot more.  When I finished the book I could research it on the internet without any fear of spoiling myself and I learned that it was announced that Jonathan Demme has attached himself to write, produce and direct a film adaptation of 11/22/63. I’m interested to see how it will turn out, everyone always tells me the movie is never as good as the book but this will be the my first time experiencing that.  Now all I have to do is get the 11/22/63 1st (first) edition 😀

Albie’s Recommendation:  Read It.