Mary Alice Burdge

Memories of Serenity from birth to age four by Mary Alice Burdge
July 2, 2020

“I would like to share my joy!

In 2014, When my health was not at it’s best. My son Albie, his wife Heather, and their baby girl Serenity Lynn Burdge moved in my house with me. It was such a blessing watching Serenity’s daily developing and watching my son become such a wonderful father –
I was so glad to see that like his father he enjoyed changing her diapers and enjoyed changing her clothes. She was always looking so cute.

Their play time was often learning time. The ABC song, so forth.

As a toddler, her favorite show was Mickey Mouse Club, every time the hot dog song came on he got up and danced with serenity. Oh such happy memories that brings me.
Then there was nights Serenity would not sleep, he would walk for hours singing quietly to her while rocking her, so sweet to watch.

Every time she learned something new, Serenity was praised by Albie. Telling her how special she is and how smart she is. I love to see how happy my son is when Serenity is in his arms. Such Joy!!

Albie and Heather cooked her favorite foods, Serenity would sit between them in the dining room, so they could help her learn how to eat properly.

I got a kick out of Serenity even at an early age, if she did not like something, she would not eat it. Down on the floor it went.
If Serenity or Heather wanted something, no matter day or night Albie would run down to Walmart for it. It seemed like she had something new almost every day. As Serenity grew he loved building things with her, not only puzzles (but) play cars out of cardboard and silly stuff.

I love the fact that he read to her every night before bed, as it is so important to know how to read early.
When Heather was not feeling well due to her Crohn’s disease he became Super Dad, the only thing he could not do was nurse her, but Serenity being nursed for so long, I feel it has been part of her becoming the strong person she is.

When Heather went to art class or out for the evening, Albie enjoyed his time with Serenity.

It has been my joy to see like his father before him he has become a kind caring loving father.

He makes me a happy mom.”

-Mary Alice Burdge

July 2, 2020

A Conversation with Albie