The Doctor saved us all it’s time for us to save The Doctor


There are around 97 missing episodes of Doctor Who from the first years of Doctor Who how were destroyed or recorded over or wiped for economical and space-saving reasons. This was a horrible decision that was made back then but they could not have known how valuable and important these would be to future generations and history. A few recently have turned up and now they’re on iTunes but the vast majority are still missing. It is time we get serious to find these episodes of Doctor Who somewhere somehow. If tapes do exist that were wiped or recorded over I hypothesize it is possible by very carefully reading the magnetic patterns on the tapes and using digital technology and advanced programs possibly already made for data recovery for hard drives and flash disks. The computer can tell what was recorded on the tape before the current video on there by comparing the video data with the degree of magnetism and outputting the difference and interpolating the rest, maybe enough to get at least a ghost image for reference that can be helped out with CG. Failing that method from working the television signals are still flying through space as you read this. We must come together as a planet and put aside our differences in order to develop a way to read those signals that left our planet so long ago. They are at this point only about 50 light years away and we might be able to develop a probe that can go into interstellar space and detect the signals perhaps being bounced off of some object about 25 ly away. These episodes will return to the human race one day it’s just a question of when and if it will be in our own lifetime which is most important. Between Scotland Yard the SETI program Bill Nye we should be able to accomplish this. After violence and world hunger this is one of the most pressing issues of the day. If the right people have the right motivation they can accomplish anything if you in anyway have the ability to help this project contact me.

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