The wobble

I finally went to sleep last night. Hurricane Matthew still hadn’t hit land when I finally woke up this morning. I got to spend the afternoon with Renny while her mom worked. We took a trip to Target to get sheets for her room at 934. She was super excited that they had Elena of Avalor sheets and comforter.

Ren’s cold was in full force today. It always makes me sad when Renny is sick 😷 she was in a good mood and being a trooper about the whole thing.  I was a little heartbroken when she woke up she said “This is the best day ever” meaning that she woke up with her mom and came out to the living room and I was there. I hurt for her hurt. I wish I could fix it baby, but I can only fix most things, not everything. That doesn’t mean I didn’t try, or won’t try. I love you.

Work was work. After work, I went to see Ren, still sick and her mom decided to keep her for the night because of a high fever. I’ll miss her tonight, but she’s in very good hands. I hope to see her tomorrow, if she’s feeling better I might be able to have her over tomorrow. We played Doctor Renny as she fixed her Elsa singing doll. I provided the tape and she made the cast, all the while she seemed as though she was trying to fight being sick, so she could help her doll. Did I mention I love her?

After my big hugs I got, I went to Walmart to try and find dinner. I still have no appetite, but I’m trying to eat. The plan for tonight is a Dear John marathon, and to try to start waking up early tomorrow 😳

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