I said UNsweet tea.

Debra @ Macdonald’sIt was my second day off. woke up kinda early. Me and Debra cleaned the house, the went to wal-mart and Macdonald’s, our wal-mart Macdonald’s has to be the slowest in the world. the people that work there are all Spanish and hardly speak English. So unless you order in Spanish they always always get the order wrong. and when you correct them they have an attitude like why can’t you speak Spanish. and then they cook the food to order, so it takes about 15 minutes to get your food at a F’n Macdonald’s. And somehow the food is always cold. but I digress. Thought about three movies. Ira and Abby (love it) , The Invisible (ahhnh), and Dragon wars (kinda sucked) . I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.

Ira & Abbythe invisibleDragon Wars

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