Bestist Buy

wm 24 bdMy last day at work before my three day weekend. People somehow found out it was my birthday for the fist time in the 17 plus years i was working there. Maria got me a sugar free chocolate cake and everybody sang to me.  Then after work I picked up Frankie and we stopped by my house so I could clean up. Then off to Publix on Del Prado, food shopping for Frank. After dropping Frankie’s food off, we picked up Johnny Weir and wet to Subway. That was a nice Lunch. Then off to Best Buy. Frank gave me a $100.00 gift card, John and Brooke each gave me a $25.00 gift card , so I had $150.00 to spend. I looked around for two hours and all I got was Wrestlemania 24 on Blu Ray.  so $125.00 left, That’s good to have. Firefly is coming out on Blu Ray soon. I fell asleep watching Wrestlemania 24.

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