First screencaps from Albie’s untitled short film 13 years in the making

The enemy within

Today I tried to focus on my anger that I have within me about my current situation in my career. I’ve had a job for 21 years with the same company it’s not a good company as companies… Read More

aCwA 006 John G Weir Jr Part III

In the sixth episode of “a Conversation with Albie” Albie’s guest is once again, again more still, John G Weir Jr. for part three of this fascinating and entertaining interview. We talk about our dads, what Johnny leaves behind, and… Read More

1000 Q’s w Albie 02

Part two of 1000 questions 02-1000-Questions-w-Albie-02.mp3 What do you think the afterlife is like? What TV show are you embarrassed about watching? What is your favorite book? What do you believe will last forever? What do you want… Read More

The Apex

Something I have realized during my recent travels is that humanity has reached a comfortable level. What I mean by that is everywhere you go everyplace is the same pretty much. There are some differences but every town… Read More

aCwA 003 Jon Green

In the third episode of “a Conversation with Albie” Albie’s guest is his longtime friend Jon Green. Albie met Jon in the mid-2000’s. Albie and Jon talk about Jon’s life from childhood to present day including being adopted,… Read More

Sigin’ in the Rain

It was Heather’s 20th birthday so I took her to Broadway Palm Dinner Theater to see Singin’ in the rain.   It was fun. The food was good, The show was great!