Nudie magazine day

Why is the last page of Playboy showing whats coming next month always the best part of the magazine? Then you get it and it’s a little disappointing, but then hey it’s OK because next month looks like it will be good. Dough!

Greg was standing on a cardboard box.


Johnny (John G Weir) was being a butt today. He doesn’t like my other friend Connie (Connie Jo Kelch) because of a misunderstanding a few years back where he thought she was only pretending to like him because he was my friend. when it was more like she was putting up with his temper tantrums (he has a lot) because he was my friend. Connie always liked johnny. In fact thats how john and I met. I was working at the south Fort Myers Perkins and Connie was working at both there and the Cape Coral Parkway Perkins. And she kept telling me about this guy that I would be great friends with if I met him. So right there I have proof that she liked him before I met him. Because I didn’t meet johnny ’till I transfered back to the Cape Coral Parkway Store. I wanted to go to the Cape Coral Art fair today. I call john When I got out of work, But he said He wasn’t feeling well. He’s my friend so I have to believe him. I wish he would like her again. It’s no fun when your friends don’t get along. I watched the movie Sunshine. It was pretty good. Oh, and Greg was standing on a cardboard box.


Dems my Funyuns…

Debra 0112082321

I worked a short day. Came home took a nap and then made salisbury steak. Debra (Debra L Sankey) and I watched Honeymoon in Vegas and then nightmare on elm street 3 and 4. Steve (Steven C Norder) Stopped by. That was cool.

I need a Sniglet.

A sniglet is defined as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”. “Sniglets” specifically are the creation of Rich Hall.

What is the word for when you see someone from your myspace friends list while your out and about, You see them, They see you. but you both choose to ignore each other just because it’s easier What is the word for that? Sorry Krysti.

Blog Start


Hello World. This is Albie and welcome to my Blog. I am starting this because I hear from a lot of older people, things like “Oh, The stories I could tell you” and “I should write a book on my life” So I figured why not Write it as I go. Please forgive my honesty. I will hold nothing back. If I hurt anyone’s feelings I apologize ahead of time. Feel free to comment on any or all of my writings, I can take it. It was…fun.



Hurricane Charley August 13, 2004 Hunker down! Hunker down! In Cape Coral, FL

A day in the life of Albert M Burdge and Christopher Conn during Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004 CE Appearances by… Steve Norder Johnny G Weir Jr. Albert L Burdge Mary Alice Burdge Mike…

Albie Connie Heather and Sarah make Jack o’ lantern Allan

Dirty Heads and Burnt Garlic Bread

CBTV special – Albie’s first time with a video camera. It’s a VHS-C and has bad heads so the video is blurry, but the content is important.
Connie burns the garlic bread, Albie interviews Sarah and Heather Crooks, and Heather eats the burnt garlic bread.