Lazy Monday. Today is The Day. WWE in HD! Me and Debra watched Captain Ron HD (OK) and Dick Tracy HD (love the sound track). Then we went to go see Cloverfield. It was a bad robot production (JJ Abrams) and was written by Drew Goddard from angel and Buffy fame. So I had High Hopes. I’m not saying it was bad, just good, not so much. Then I watched some of the democratic debate on CNN HD I Dig Hillary. Ordered Chinese food. Then The Big moment WWE Raw in HD. All I can say is WOW! So Clear. It is like actually being there. After wrestling, We watched The Astronauts Wife HD, and Johnny Mnemonic HD.

captain ronDick Tracycloverfeildastronauts wifejohnny mnemonic

I Do Blu.

BD playerWatched Rent on Blu Ray. I love My Blu Ray Player It’s The Sharp bd-hp20u (Thanks Frankie & Johnny for the Best Buy Cards). The Only Bad thing about it is that it doesn’t play dvd’s with copy protection because I only have one HD input on my 51″ HDTV because I bought it a few years ago, so I have to run it through an HD switch box. I Finley finished Torchwood. Then I cought up on Ghost Whisperer. I made it an early night and went to sleep.


What happend about me?

TorchwoodAfter work I redid Johnny’s computer. I got home around 7:30pm. Started to watch Torchwood about eight. Then I got ill by about 8:30 and went to bed. Damn Diabetes.

Darth Karen is Online

terminator: the sarah connor chroniclesShort day @ work, Brooke’s Birthday, I picked up some publix subs for me and deb. When I got home I was so tired I took a carpet nap. Later me and Debbie Went to, you guessed it wal-mart. I got another rug, this one for the kitchen. Then I watched the first two terminator: the sarah connor chronicles. I liked it so far Summer Glau Was really good, but I’m predetermined to like her because I’m a Browncoat. and I finely got a cat 5 wire for my bedroom media PC.employee of the month

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Brooke and JohnHappy Birthday Brooke! Have a Great Day!

Good Luck Albie, I wish.

al n john While I was taking a picture of myself in wal-mart something amazing and unexpected happened. If you look closely at this photo in the background you will see I caught a glimpse of all to often allusive Johnnies Guatemalais Canalis Weiris. Or what the natives call The J Dawg. Anyway, it was a rough day at work, I was freaking out. All the little changes they are making to make the job harder were all adding up and getting to me. But then a customer wrote me a nice letter all about how good her food was and how great I was. That made me feel a lot better. After work Johnny and I made our weekly stop at the local Kiwanis thrift store. Then I had to take him to wal-mart to get stuff for Brooke’s birthday. He got her a few frames. As I was getting gas I noticed that my power steering pump broke. I can’t wait to get a new car. I bought a little bit of food. Debra cooked it. We had salisbury steak, brown rice and mixed vegetables while I watched To have and to have not (good movie). Then I watched Good luck Chuck Unrated ( funny as heck, and a lot of tits. I loved It.)

To have and to have notGood Luck Chuck


Mom and Dad

Ok day @ work. I worked on my music play list for a while then went to my parents for steak dinner. I washed my parents car for them, ate dinner, Then I replaced a shower head. Saw a preview for the new night rider, I’ll have to check that out. After I got home I hung with deb for a while and started to watch To have and to have not. But I fell a sleep, I’ll try again tomorrow.

I said UNsweet tea.

Debra @ Macdonald’sIt was my second day off. woke up kinda early. Me and Debra cleaned the house, the went to wal-mart and Macdonald’s, our wal-mart Macdonald’s has to be the slowest in the world. the people that work there are all Spanish and hardly speak English. So unless you order in Spanish they always always get the order wrong. and when you correct them they have an attitude like why can’t you speak Spanish. and then they cook the food to order, so it takes about 15 minutes to get your food at a F’n Macdonald’s. And somehow the food is always cold. but I digress. Thought about three movies. Ira and Abby (love it) , The Invisible (ahhnh), and Dragon wars (kinda sucked) . I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.

Ira & Abbythe invisibleDragon Wars

Goldschlager and waterbeds don’t mix.

I love Mondays It’s the start of my weekend, I always have Mondays and Tuesdays off. Monday is my do nothing lazy day. Debra and I just sat around on the couch thinking about some movies Blue Harvest (Funny.), Suburban girl (Formulaic and underwhelming.), No Reservations (Different then expected) and Across The Universe (Good to watch once, kinda freaky). I ordered Pizza Hut. a really good day.

Blue HarvestSuburban girl

No Reservations

Across the Universe


First time in five years, No Kettle Corn.

Johnny was better today. It was a busy day. I was So damn tired. But I made it. After work Frankie (Frank E Greiser) was waiting for me. I took him for his weekly shopping trip to Publix. Then I helped Frankie’s next door neighbor Betty set up her new HDTV. I like helping people. It was Amazing Race night. We had hamburger helper for dinner. Me Frankie and johnny have been getting together for a while now to either watch Survivor or The Amazing Race. John canceled again. I don’t blame him. it seems the more people we add to our little get togethers the weirder it gets. I think starting the next season of survivor it will just be johnny and I. By then Debra will be staying here a lot less. and frank doesn’t like survivor anyway. The weekend events just got way too out of hand. It became more about people smoking cigarettes out on my patio then the shows we were together to watch. Frank and I watched The golden globes results show (actual show was canceled due to the writers strike) while he was waiting for Doug (Doug Doug) to pick him up. Doug came in for a while and watched American gladiators with us for a wile, the show was not good. Debra is breaking the rules again. But she will be gone soon enough, so I won’t say anything. I’ll miss having her around anyway. It will likely be difficult getting used to being lonely again. I did it for six years or so, so I know I’ll be fine. I just like the feeling of coming home to somebody too much. I miss Rachael, and I got the Blahs.