True beauty

The most beautiful thing about a woman is being kind, supportive, loving, caring, and loyal.

Without that in a partner, there is no partnership. Once a cheater, always a cheater. The ultimate revenge is to let you have what you want, and let it happen to you too. Karma is a bitch, and you have a lot coming your way. Let’s forget about the 7 deadly sins, Ten Commandments, US law, or the biggest burrito at Moe’s, guilty. Remember the most important rule. Wheaton’s Law

What is worse than bad poetry?

Not much. Maybe herpes and HPV.

Trek Life

I think TOS was my childhood trek, it taught me who I should be and the difference between right and wrong, TAS is always for Saturday mornings to keep me and my cereal company, TNG was my teen trek, an adventure of a lifetime and it taught me diplomacy and teamwork. DS9 is an amazing novel I get lost in every time. VGR is where I would want to be, Janeway would be the captain I would want if I was in Starfleet, and the Borg we’re heading right for us. Enterprise is my adult trek. Archer is the captain I would aspire to be, Tucker is the man I’m trying to be. Kelvin goes good with popcorn, and Disco is just for fun.

My Interview with Scott Bakula

Sleepless in Cape Coral

“Even Hitler had a girlfriend”

⁃ David Manning

I’m looking for a dating site for people that only have a few hours a week to date.

My category for relationship status of social media is “It’s complicated”.

That’s the closest one that fits because there is no “Married, separated, she has a boyfriend, wife, and daughter live with me, looking to date 4-6 hours a week”

When looking at the dating apps/sites filling out a profile, it seems so discouraging to explain all that in the bio. It’s like advertising that food is past its expiration date, is there a human equivalent to “Today’s Special”?

It would be easier if the wife ran away with him, then I would just be a “Single Dad” which is much easier to explain and a bit more attractive. I’m glad Serenity still has both her parents living with her though. She wants both of us here all the time, and both her mom and I would never give her up for half of the rest of her life.

People without children could never understand. If I choose between my daughter and a social life, Serenity wins hands down.

That being said it’s been almost a year since I’ve been on a date. The loneliness and lack of love are ever present and disheartening.

I can’t be the only person in this situation. My guess is that there are millions of us in this type of arrangement.

So… what to do? I just think it would be nice to go to a movie and dinner every once in a while with someone who doesn’t hate me.

Reflecting, however, inmates on death row have girlfriends, I have to believe I’m somewhat more desirable.

I clean up well, I’m funny, attentive, I give great full body massages, and I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I smell good.

I shower twice daily, shave the important bits, and I have no distinguishing marks.

I’ve never been arrested, I’m a non-smoker, no drugs, science-based, and love cuddling.

I’m a homeowner, can fix anything, and I get pop-culture references.

The only question I have now is do I wait for the chance to meet someone? Or do I go actively searching?

Text me.

iMessages –

SMS- 813-815-0547

Your panties are on the Pizza box.

Was the name of my band in college.

Life is the best thing there is. No matter how bad it gets and how much others hurt you, there is still a few times a day when you can just be in your own head and know how special being alive is.

All the hurt, the pain, the adultery doesn’t matter as much as being alive in the here and now. Living the program, being self aware. One day it will all end.

In those final moments of life, I believe will will try to hang on and cherish every last second. Knowing that, I cherish them now.

Tonight after being bamboozled for the umpteenth time, I could have dwelled on the fact that I am so brazingly discounted as mattering at all, but instead at a stoplight, I did stop and appreciate my life and I felt happy to still exist. Most humans that ever existed, don’t anymore, and I am.

Yay me and my life. I love me. No one knows me. When I’m gone I will barely be a thought remnant in some people’s mind until they no longer are. But in the here and now, I’m me, I comprehend my entire journey, and am a very fortunate person.

I love you Serenity ❤️

Let’s Play The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars with Serenity


Love. It’s what we want when we don’t have it. It’s what we idealize in our thoughts during the unbearable loneliness. It’s what we hope to find, don’t feel worthy of, and sometimes think we find. It is something we give freely yet it can be ripped away by another. If it can be stolen, was it ever real to begin with? I only know how I felt, why another would pretend is beyond my understanding.

We place our personalities into someone else to fill in the unknown gaps. We do this for celebrities, friends, gods, and those we love.

Do people change or is it more a matter of finding more out about a person that changes it for you? When you fall in love, you are falling in love with the best part of that person. If that person decides never mind, you then see the worst side of them.

The tragedy there is you can’t even miss the person or mourn the relationship because they were acting, telling you what they wanted you to hear, being who they thought you wanted them to be. It was all a lie. You are just left feeling tricked and violated.

Is that the case with every relationship? Is someone always lying? Is there real love?

I know I have loved, but have I ever been loved? Romantically, probably not. It’s a devastating realization.

I know my daughter loves me, I know my parents love me. I love me. But I have not found a partner in this life. I want to trust again, but fool me five times, right?

At 42, I don’t miss the sex as much as the friendship, companionship, conversation and cuddles.

I face this next chapter of my life utterly alone. No safety net, no one there for my worst, no one to take care of me when my health fails, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, I feel some waiting for me to conclude and get out of the way. It’s I think one of the worst feelings anyone can feel, beyond betrayal and beyond loneliness, feeling out of place in one’s own life.

There are a lot of bad people in the world, only out for themselves. I know I was a good person, I loved, I trusted, I was betrayed, and abandoned.

All that said, I love that I’m alive and have it better than most people in human history. I’ve had a wonderful life, my purpose was to bring my daughter into the world and love her.

I’ll always be a little sad on the inside that it never happened for me, no one every truly loved me.

6am at the oasis

I discovered virtual reality last night. Armed with VR goggles that my iPhone fit in and EarPods I ventured into the web to explore all VR an entry-level person could.

I walked on the moon with its last manned mission in the original NASA program, I went on a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ, I did some hiking, looked around a tropical island, and back at the hotel I enjoyed a swim.

I’m really intrigued by the technology and surprised I haven’t ventured into it before. My inspiration was to see how far we are for the experience portrayed in Ready Player One (2018). It sent me into a tech rabbit hole, trying to figure out what’s the best hardware not based on the cardboard standard or using a phone. Looks like the  best resolution and field of view. I’m not interested in the gaming as much as the immersive experience of entertainment.

To be continued…

It’s late. Come back tomorrow.

I had a nightmare that the people I bought the house from finally came to pick up their furniture while I was trying to get Serenity to sleep. They were going all through our stuff and I kept explaining to them that was ten years ago. I knew it wasn’t real, because there was a spiral staircase in one of the shots of the dream, there are no stairs in this part of Florida.

7 Reasons Why Ignoring Time will Drastically Improve Your Life

“Time is the fire in which we burn”

Are you constantly stressing about being somewhere at a particular time? Do you feel pressure when running late, not being able to leave the house quickly enough to the point of yelling at the kids or spouse to hurry up? This stress is totally unnecessary and easily avoidable by freeing yourself, ditching the clock, and becoming a ChronoNot.  ( a combination of chrono– ˈkränō/ relating to time. and not nät/ used with an auxiliary verb or “be” to form the negative)

1) Get More Sleep and Feel Better

Do you have 3 pre alarms set before you actually have to get up, staggered so that the snoozes are shuffled between the other alarms? Never set an alarm again.

The human body needs sleep and most of us aren’t getting enough. We stay up later than our bodies would like us to because there’s always one more thing to do or one more episode to watch. Staying up late is fun, but waking up early the next day is the other thing. Without a clock go to sleep when you are tired, take naps and sleep in.

2) Be More Productive

Being on time is as antiquated a concept as all the other “just because” traditions that were important pre-modern civilization.

Gone are the 16-hour workdays during the industrial revolution and even the 9-5 sitting at a desk, wasting away lifestyle is no longer a thing.

A lot of western cultures still hold on to the 40 hour work week because that’s what the people did before them and they just accept that’s how it is. But let’s examine this a bit.

What is work for? Is it to sell hour sized slices of our lives we’ll never get back for less money than we are worth? Or do we work to make money and make a contribution to the betterment of mankind? It’s obviously the latter but not many people take the time to ask themselves that simple question. One of the best things about the millennials is they are really the first generation to ask why, and not take because as an answer.

More and more people and businesses are breaking free the rat race. Most of it is completely unnecessary. The world is moving more towards task-based work. That’s when you get paid for the work you do, and not for the time you waste. With a task-based job or business, you work when you feel most productive or inspired. It works out better for employees, freelancers, and employers alike. It eliminates financial waste and enables you to take your life back.

You may tell yourself you aren’t capable of getting that type of employment but everyone is good at something and there’s always someone willing to pay you for that skill or talent. You just have to look. Plan on a three to four hour work day while making the same or more than your old-fashioned counterparts.

3) Eliminate Negativity in Your Life

Why are we expected to be somewhere or do something at a certain time? The short answer is, some people are assholes.

Think about the people you know that give you grief about being “on time” or “late”. From the manager at your first food service job that sent you home and threatened to take away your only source of income for being six minutes late instead of being within the five minute time allowed, to the clinic that turned away a little sick girl who died later that day because her mom was ten minutes late for an appointment. What do they all have in common? They are all assholes, plain and simple.

Time is an artificial construct that can not thus far be controlled by us. Science tells us that most likely, all times exist concurrently, we just perceive it as linear. Try telling that to that restaurant manager.

The answer is to eliminate those people in your life that won’t adapt to a ChronoNot lifestyle. The most information I give people as to when to expect me is morning, afternoon, or evening.

Back in the olden days before the advent of mobile technology, when people were tied to a corded phone connected to a wall it may have been necessary to make plans with a friend or colleague to meet at a specific time and place or parties might miss each other by minutes with no way to reconnect without going back home and calling again hoping they weren’t calling at the same time resulting in both lines getting a busy signal and ruining the whole day.

But now everyone has the ability to know where anyone else is at any time. So setting a time or even a specific place to meet or making an appointment is absolutely unnecessary. People that insist on asking for a specific time from you either are too set in their ways or are again, just jerks.  People hold on to punctuality as a way of feeling superior to others when they are the ones creating the problem of scheduling in the first place.

4) Have the World Wait for You.

I was a bit of a CronoNot long before I realized it. Way before Tivo, DVR, Netflix and On Demand, I programmed my (showing my age) VCR. Armed with a TV Guide and an 8hr video cassette I could record all the television I could watch in a day. I had seven tapes each labeled with a different day of the week so I would have an entire week to watch a program. I would also save about an hour a day fast forwarding through (showing my age again) commercials.

Now that none of that hullabaloo is necessary. Everything is in the cloud. Sitting and waiting for you whenever you are ready to enjoy it. Refuse to watch live TV. Pad your life a day. Tell yourself if it airs on Tuesday night, it will be ready for me anytime after that on the DVR, On Demand, and Hulu. Or just binge the whole season when it comes to Netflix. You are no longer at the mercy of “Appointment Television”. You are an omnipotent entity with god-like powers over your entertainment.

5) Give Your Children a Better Education

Now that you aren’t wasting your life with a 40hr work week, why would you want your little ones to?

In my opinion, seven hours of school and four hours of homework five days a week is way too much for a child. Why is a school day so long? Again, It’s just because it’s been that way for as long as anyone alive can remember. Tradition is the opposite of progress. It’s not a valid reason to subject children to losing years of their lives waiting for the other kids to catch up.

Is it better for kids to sit at a desk and be told something? Or is it better for them to learn from experiencing it in real life?

If you have a local school that isn’t stuck on times, attendance, and time-based learning, but going with the newer method of achievement based learning you are in luck and that might be a good fit for your kid. If not, homeschooling your children is a great option. There is no stress about waking up early and rushing off to school to get them to class on time. Instead, learning can be a 24/7 hands-on experience. Home Schooling isn’t your kid sitting at home in front of a desk for 8 hours or even 3. It’s a continual learning process, combined with field trips and homeschooling events where kids get to interact with one another at libraries, parks, and in nature, without the stress of clocks and calendars.

Once they’ve learned something you can move onto more advanced subjects while not artificially holding them back from learning until they get to the next grade level. But always remember Science is real.

6) Have More Leisure Time

What do you do now with all this time you’ve saved by not being a mindless automaton? Enjoy Life, you only get one and it’s finite.

7) Have Your very own Superpower

Ever been in line with someone at the grocery checkout who is boiling mad just because the line isn’t moving fast enough? Or have you had someone behind you at a traffic lite that honks their horn the second the light turns green then flips you off as they speed past you to stop at the next traffic light alongside you? What these people lack is patience.

There’s a saying, “I thought I met the woman of my dreams, but then she got up to leave before the last inning.”

With no clocks to watch, no place to be at a scheduled time, you can have Infinite Patience, and that is a superpower very few people possess. With patience, there is no road rage, no need to be rude or dismissive of others. The world would be a much better place.