• The Next Chapter

    Today marks a new chapter in the book of Albie. If the last part of the story is to be viewed as a hurdle, today is a new beginning. It starts off with Serenity and myself and a bright future ahead of us. It was never my plan or choice, and at this point, there is nothing more I can do. The years of crying are over, there are no more tears left. I have the support of my mother, brother, and close friends in town as well as my online friends. I will be okay. Serenity will be with me half the week and her mother the other half,…

  • Parenting tip of the day

    Toys that make music or sing incessantly with no possible way of stopping the music, there is a little tip I figured out while choking a monkey… if you press and hold the tummy or whatever button starts the music it will shut off!! 😀