Correcting Mistruths

If you hear a rumor that I had my house “handed to me”, Let me take you through the process I went through to become a homeowner. It all started many years ago when the house I was… Read More

7 Reasons Why Ignoring Time will Drastically Improve Your Life

“Time is the fire in which we burn” -Soran Are you constantly stressing about being somewhere at a particular time? Do you feel pressure when running late, not being able to leave the house quickly enough to the… Read More

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life

Is supposed to be 42, but for me it’s 39. At the age of 39 I look around everywhere and see earlier versions of myself, and upon realizing that, I now see older versions of myself. Everywhere. We… Read More

Forks over knives

Just watched this great documentary.  

I hate how Target ruins their blu ray and DVD box sets

Who buys these box sets all F#%^ed up from cranked wires. Probably people who throw away boxes? Do people do that?

Guns kill people

Not to be political or preachy, but guns are bad. I think that at heart everyone knows this. Nothing good ever came from guns. People don’t use them to plant flower gardens. They are only used to hurt… Read More


(Spoiler free, I think…) Well I finally finished reading 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King, and I have to say… Wow! It is incredible. I started reading the eBook edition for the first five chapters or so, but I found… Read More

Making the right De-cision

From So as some of you may know My beautiful wife Heather and I are on the nest. After one miscarriage a little over a year ago we are cautiously optimistic about this pregnancy. Speaking for myself,… Read More

My Opinion on the American Auto Industry

The problem with the American Auto Industry is the unions. They Greed-ed themselves out of jobs. I, like most working class people I get paid for working and that’s it. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. … Read More