BwB 2×11 The Man Trap

Dirty gets his big opportunity to host the Internet’s biggest Late Night Talk Show (with people wearing pajamas) as we welcome our usual host Bruce as our guest.Watch as we talk about the 49th Anniversary of Star Trek,… Read More

BwB 2×10 Much Ado About Albie

On this very special episode of Bedtime with Bruce we  welcome Albie to the show as the guest. Bruce and Dirty try to help Albie through his midlife crisis… Thinking Outside The Long Box… Albie’s interview with Jean-Pierre-Dorleac

Funny but true…

My Interview with Scott Bakula

This interview was done for my Quantum Leap Podcast and has a spoiler level of “Mirror Image”. SCOTT BAKULA has been recognized for his work in a variety of mediums, from feature films to television to musical theatre… Read More

Hurricane Charley August 13, 2004 Hunker down! Hunker down!

A day in the life of Albert M Burdge and Christopher Conn during Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004 CE Appearances by… Steve Norder Johnny G Weir Jr. Albert L Burdge Mary Alice Burdge Mike Holobinko Brooke Lynn… Read More

Burger King Proud Whopper

Crazy that they can do this

Happy Albie holiday season to me!

LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – Black My first physical gift of the Albie season, and I love them!  

I must have missed 1994…

The year: 1994. From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction! Man’s civilization is cast in ruin! Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn. A strange new world… Read More