WHMS @ 30

Every time I watch When Harry Met Sally for one hour and thirty-five minutes I escape to a world where love is possible. I’m not sure what it is I enjoy about this film more, the writing, acting,… Read More

Please Stand By…

I’m happy for the most part but I still struggle at some point during each day. The feeling of betrayal is still there three years after first finding out she was cheating on me. The loneliness is there… Read More

Alexander Skarsgard To Play Albie in New Biopic

Alexander Skarsgard has been tapped to play Albie in an upcoming motion picture directed by Sofia Coppola Becoming Albie. The film starts out in Farmingdale New Jersey in the 1980’s in an effort to capitalize on today’s 80’s… Read More

Meet cute miss

I was such in the vortex today I missed out on a meet cute. I was feeling down lately about myself and my lack of close friends. I had pretty much given up and felt really invisible lately…. Read More

It’s been difficult

The loneliness has gotten to a point to where it’s painful. I had hoped it would be better after Christmas, but that same emptiness is there and the feeling of hopelessness is growing. Spending Christmas week alone and… Read More

There must be something wrong with the universe

There isn’t even anyone left to tell that there isn’t anyone left.

Big ass TV in UHD

As far as I can tell there is no happily ever after. That’s just something a writer made up a long time ago because they were done telling their story. I enjoy my me time no matter how… Read More


I think I may be done with relationships. It’s like getting an extra full-time job, without pay, constantly being in trouble and told I’m not good enough. Also everywhere you go everything costs twice as much. I think… Read More

The Next Chapter

Today marks a new chapter in the book of Albie. If the last part of the story is to be viewed as a hurdle, today is a new beginning. It starts off with Serenity and myself and a… Read More

The Ghost of Greiser

https://youtu.be/P1mQWSFabWs Serenity’s first case. Our client was missing his name from the family headstone. It was there and then it wasn’t. After getting all the information we could from the client, we did some legwork and made some… Read More